More about Alex

Born in Carmel, New York in 1991 to Marcel Goldberger and Pia Semi-Goldberger, Alex lived in New York state for almost 24 years before moving to Madison, Wisconsin.

Besides programming and designing video games, Alex has a few hobbies and pastimes including playing video games, tabletop Role-Playing Games (RPG's) such as Dungeons and Dragons, travel, dance, Ultimate Frisbee, and rock climbing (bouldering). Alex is bilingual and loves to visit his family in Sweden.

Favorite Video Games

Tabletop RPG's Played

Below is a short list of the various tabletop Role-Playing game systems Alex has played and run. Running a game system means you were the one controlling the world while your players control their characters. Basically, you are the game or the referee while the other people playing are the players or main characters.

Alex with Kangaroos.

Alex in Australia feeding his favorite animal.

Countries Visited

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